Kitchen Islands

Custom Refacing Transforms Bucks, PA & Hunterdon, NJ Kitchen Islands

Tewksbury, NJ, Before: The new owners of kitchen refaced the main cabinets in a custom cherry. For the island they wanted inset doors with architectural details and an upscale furniture look for the exterior panels, all in a dark, rich finish.



After: This island was restyled with new inset doors with applied moldings, custom built posts, and coordinating side panels. The island was then finished in a painted glazed cappuccino with rub-through finish.



New Hope, PA, After: This island started as a basic oak, builder's grade unit. We refaced it in custom made bamboo doors and panels, and also modified it to house an undercounter microwave.


Tewksbury, NJ, Before: Altering a grainy oak island was a major part of this kitchen refacing project.


After: The island now houses a microwave, a storage pullout, and additional drawers. The post and panel treatment provides a sophisticated touch to the piece.




Refaced Kitchen Peninsulas

Pennington, NJ, Before: Although this peninsula originally had more details than most, the counter supports were cheap looking and the oak panels looked dated.



After: As part of this project the penninsula received special, upscale architectural features. including refacing with a post and panel treatment. The wood is maple, custom stained in a warm nutmeg finish which contrasts nicely with the new floor.



Flemington, NJ, Before: Pickled oak cabinets are plain and ready for a facelift.


After: This traditional design is one of our most popular sellers.



Newtown, PA, Before: A budget, faux paint makeover didn't really enhance the cabinets in this Bucks County, PA home.


After: New doors in solid cherry, along with beadboard and legs, all custom stained, give these kitchen cabinets a traditional, upscale look.



Custom Islands for NJ & PA Kitchens

No island? No problem. These are all built custom creations.

Readington, NJ: The original island in this kitchen was undersized and the space was awkward when several people were working in the kitchen at once. Two islands - one with under counter beverage storage and seating, the other with an oven and both an induction and gas cooktop - were custom made.




Solebury Township, PA, Before: An undersized island was blocky and not very functional.



After: A new island was built, with sleeker lines and higher legs, so that it would float in the space. Where the previous island had fake storage on the one side, we included a shallow cabinet for canned goods and smaller items. Still to come is a custom bamboo counter for the piece.



Somerset County, NJ: This island was built for a home in Bedminster Township.


Sophisticated Refacing Transforms Bernardsville, NJ Kitchen

Bernardsville, NJ, Before: An kitchen island in an older home in Bernardsville, NJ was awkwardly shaped and designed.



Annandale, NJ, Before: Builder's grade cherry cabinets are rather plain and uniintereesting.


After: Refacing in a panel and leg treatment, in our Vanilla Creme finish, dresses up the piece nicely.


Elegant Details Turn Builder's Boxes into Furniture

Morris County, NJ, Before: This basic box of an island needed an upgrade.


After: The island was lengthened with the addition of a wine bin cabinet. Elegant corbels and panels add style, while the the hand carved, 1880 antique French panels give this island a one-of-a-kind look. The granite is the exotic Blue Louise.



Whitehouse Station, NJ, Before and After: Extensive moldings and ornamentation, all in cherry with gold accents, provide the custom look or a look these homeowners wanted but couldn't find at the local kitchen store.

scoplianous before 355X262.jpg


Mercer County, NJ, Before and After: Undersized corbels and plastic doors were just a few of the features these homeowners disliked about their recently refaced kitchen. So they did it again. New wood doors with applied moldings, properly scaled moldings and millwork, and a cherry finish with gold highlights make all the difference.

nap isle bef 354X266.jpg


Personal Details Define Princeton Kitchen Islands

Princeton, NJ, Before: The owner of this country club home had excellent quality maple cabinets, but over the years they oxidized and discolored. They also lacked some of the architectural details that other kitchens in the neighborhood sported. She particularly wanted to give the island more character and replace the sparse looking counter supports.


After: Beadboard and decorative corbels were part of this transformation. The finish is a dark rub-off with copper glaze.


Hopewell, NJ, Before: Although these custom built cabinets were of good quality and design, the homeowners felt that it was time to upgrade them. They wanted the island to have greater presence, with furniture styled details. Finally, it was important to them that the new cabinet color complement the granite better, a dense mix of deep black, taupe, and brown, with flecks of blue and green mica.


After: The island is given greater weight and focus with panels and posts. All of the perimeter cabinets received our Glazed Mushroom Souffle finish. The island received a darker version of the same color. Side panels and decorative moldings elevate this space with upscale style.


Alexandtia Township, NJ, Before and After: This newer home in Pittstown, NJ now has the island the owners always wanted. Bead and post panels, along with elegant corbels, upgrade this basic builder's box. The Hawaiian Bordeaux granite provides the finishing touch.



Custom Finishes Personalize Kitchen Islands

Custom cabinet finishes are just some of the features we offer with new cabinetry, as well as with our Artisan Elegance and Artisan Eclectic lines of refacing services. Islands are particularly popular elements to customize with unique and custom stained or painted and glazed finishes.

Lebanon, NJ: The green shade of the island perfectly complements the butcher block as well as the colors in the granite.


Morris County, NJ: This family loved blue and wanted a rich blue island. So that is what we gave them.


Bridgewater, NJ: This is a gold and black rub-off finish.


Clinton, NJ: This island received extra center cabinets for greater storage and beadboard panels, free-standing posts, and our Barn Wood finsh, for a rustic, country look.

steinberg island after 354X266.jpg

Hunterdon, NJ: This client wanted the perfect shade of blue gray. The glaze has silver pearlescent details and looks great with stainless steel appliances.


Buckingham, PA: A black satin finish.

meera island 1 354X266.jpg