Kitchen Cabinet Transformations

Gorgeous Glaze Fixes Makeover Mistake

Before: The cabinets in this Chester, NJ home were ruined by a sloppy glaze job and an HGTV style of tile application. The new homeowners tried to work the cabinets iby installing granite. They were still disappointed, so they called us. And we gave them a transformation which left them delighted!

budney before 1 354X266.jpg

bud buf bef 2 354X266.jpg

All of the doors were replaced, and the main cabinets received a greenish taupe glaze with pearlescent details, while the island received a warm caramel wood tone treatment. The buffet area received glass doors, while the roll-tops for the appliance garage were replaced with hinged doors. The insides of the glass cabinets were treated with beadboard and finished in the same glaze as the island.



High Style, Low Stress

Before: This kitchen, with its panelled soffit, dated pickled cabinets, and drab island, was crying out for a change. The microwave shelf was unattractive and the oven and refrigerator cabinets needed to be reconfigured.

mackie bef 1.jpg

mackie bef 2.jpg

After: Two weeks on-site and this Tewksbury kitchen was transformed, to the delight of the home owners and amazement of the neighbors. The new microwave is built in, the oven and refrigerator have traded places, and new granite is on the island.

mackie aft 1.jpg

mackie aft 2.jpg

A Vanishing Act for Soffits

Before: Grainy, oak cabinets and a soffit gave this Pennington kitchen a very dated look.

swiatocha before 2a 355X260.jpg

After: New doors are just the start of the changes in this space. Decorative side panels, light rails and crown moldings, all with our Butternut finish, lend an upscale look to the kitchen. The ceiling crown and finish on the soffit are the final details, giving the room the illusion of greater height.

swia aft fix 354X266.jpg

Before: Two year old granite countertops limited the possibilities for updating these dated oak cabinets.

mcnulty before 354X266.jpg

After: Bead board panels, moldings, and the glazed soffit, all in our Butterscotch finish, give this Hampton kitchen new life and greater presence. The green tone on the island coordinates perfectly with the granite.

mcnulty after 1a 355X264.jpg

Elegant Details

Before: This galley kitchen in Short Hills had basic architecture and a picked finish.

sue before 3 354X266.jpg

After: Recently photographed for Design NJ, this updated space sports new doors, extensive decorative moldings, and our Butternut Glace� finish on the main cabinets. All of these features combine for a high-end, designer look.

sue kitchen horiz 1 355X262.jpg

Before: A kitchen in Whitehouse Station is ready for some upscale, custom changes.

scoplianous before 355X262.jpg

After: Our Cherry Tone finish and gold accented, decorative moldings on the door panels were just some of the new features in this kitchen. Detailed cabinet crowns and decorative side panel moldings, all highlighted in gold, give this space a formal elegance.

scop after 354X266.jpg

From Sterile to Stylish

Before: White, painted MDF doors gave a sterile look to this East Amwell kitchen. There was nothing of interest architecturally, and the microwave shelf was awkward and unfinished.

plourde before h1 354X266.jpg

After: An off-white glaze with pearlescent detailing elevates these kitchen doors to designer status. A custom built hood and microwave surround, along with moldings and side panels lend to the upscale look. The island is expanded with a two tiered eating area. The new Rouge Rub finish with pearlescent copper details coordinates perfectly with the Diamond Red granite. Newly installed, over cabinet lighting provides the space with perfect ambiance.

plourde aft 1.jpg

Before: The white painted cabinets in this Clinton Township kitchen were stark and needed to be warmed up. The counter area by the family room also needed more personality. So what did we do? We're waiting for the tile backsplash to be installed, then we'll take the "After" photos. Check back soon . . .

busch bef 1 354X266.jpg

New Doors Make the Difference

Before: The owner of this Bedminster home wanted a change from the casual, dated oak cabinets.

melanie before 1 354X266.jpg

After: The cabinet frames are treated to minimize the grain. Afterwards it, along with new premium doors, receive our Cherry Tone finish for a striking and rich looking end result.

melanie h2 354X266.jpg

After: The custom made and cherry glazed island finishes the space. The granite is Diamond Red.


New Homes Need More

Before: The cabinetry in this newer Alexandria Township home is builders' grade oak boxes. The owners wanted more.

angel before 1H 354X266.jpg

After: These stock cabinets went from plain to perfectly stylish. After carpentry, including moldings and panels, a distressed white finish is applied to the main cabinets. The island is given priority treatment with decorative corbels, bead and post panels, and our Pecan Wood Glow finish.

angel after 1 354X266.jpg

Before: The builder of this new, Bucks County, PA home couldn't offer the homeowners the glazed finish they were looking for.

meera before 1 354X266.jpg

After: New rope crown with pearlescent detailing adds the finishing touch to these cabinets. The main cabinets are our Vanilla Creme Glace, while the island is done in a high contrast black.

meera after h 354X266.jpg

Refacing Regrets

Before: In 2002 the owners of this central NJ home had their kitchen cabinets refaced and regretted the plastic look they received ever since. They were unhappy, but did not want to rip out and replace the cabinets and granite. In 2006 they called us.

nap kitch bef 354X266.jpg

nap china bef 354X266.jpg

After: We gave them the look they had been craving all along. New doors, decorative detail moldings, and frame molding for an inset look began the transformation. Treated in our cherry tone finish with gold accents, the cabinets now had the high-end style the owners had wanted from the very beginning.

nap kitch aft 354X266.jpg

nap china aft 354X266.jpg

Small Kitchen, Big Style

Before: This kitchen in Stockton is small, but the dark, oak cabinets made it look even tinier.

cabot bef 1.jpg

After: Minimal carpentry included a crown, a corner shelf, and a shelf window valance, which frames the view of the Delaware River. A cream finish with subtle details brings the space to life with added brightness.

cabot aft 1.jpg

Before: These homeowners were tired of their grainy, oak cabinets. The pattern of the oak grain was too busy for the kitchen, making it feel smaller than it was.

rubbo bef 1.jpg

After: Almost no grain is visible with our Butterscotch finish, which brightens up the room and lends warmth to the space.

rubbo aft 1.jpg

Small Spaces Sparkle

Before: A narrow, unattractive butler's pantry connects the kitchen to the dining room, and needed to become more inviting.

bp bef 1 354X266.jpg

After: Glass doors on the upper cabinets, along with new crown moldings, are just the start. A two-tone finish with copper highlights on the cabinetry, as well as the new moldings and soffit, give this space greater visual presence.

bp b and a 355X258.jpg

bp aft 1 354X266.jpg

Before: This butler�s pantry of laminate doors used to look like a closet.

butler 1 before 354X266.jpg

After: After adding impressive crowns and a rich wood tone finish to the cabinets, along with a warm, plaster finish on the walls, this Newtown, PA space is now a room which can stand on its own.

butler 1 after 354X266.jpg

From Oak to Outstanding

Before: The pickled, oak cabinets in this Glen Gardner home were unimpressive boxes.

buck 2b 354X266.jpg

After: Moldings and panels, all with a new, warm finish, bring character to this space.

buck 2a 354X266.jpg

Before: The owner of this Basking Ridge home hated the color of these oak cabinets.

caufield 2b 354X266.jpg

After: Our Cherry Tone finish, and a new crown with gold, pearlescent detailing on the rope, provide traditional sophistication to this kitchen.

caufield 2a 354X266.jpg

New Looks for Old Oak

Before: The kitchen in this Readington Township home was dated.

stan before 1 354X266.jpg

After: The addition of simple bead board and a cream, distressed finish help give new life to this once tired space.

stan after 1 354X266.jpg

Before: The owners of this Pennington home wanted a cleaner look for their main cabinets, not the intrusive pattern of oak. They also wanted a smaller island, a custom hutch, and a few cabinets relocated.

fletcher 1b 355X262.jpg

After: The new Pecan Glow finish, which the owner says �glows in the evening light�, imparts a richness to the space which can never be achieved with oak. The custom hutch, with our China Red finish and faux copper back, adds an impressive focal point to the space.

fletcher after 1 354X266.jpg

Minimal Changes, Maximum Style

Before and After: A larger crown and two different, yet rich finshes are all that is needed to transform the 1980s pickled cabinets in his Neshanic Station home.

linda before kitchen 354X266.jpg

linda after 2 355X263.jpg

Before: This Chester home had good quality, bleached maple cabinets.

kane bef close 354X266.jpg

After: They receive a lush makeover with our Cherry Look finish.

kane after 3 354X266.jpg