Ordinary Furniture, Extraordinary Results

Before and After: A 1930s production buffet is reinvented with a new finish, gold leaf accents, and a top of broken gold, silver and copper leaf.

buffet before 354X266.jpg

buffet after 2 354X266.jpg

Tewksbury, NJ, Before: A favorite piece of furniture needed to be updated and given a hint of glamour.


After: Metallic leafing on the table top, treated with glazes and solvents, does the trick. The piece is finished off with a bronze plaster on the base.



The base of an unfinished, carved table receives a rich toned finish. The top is layered with black and pearlescent decorative plasters.

sue table 1 257X266.jpg

Classic Furnishings are Reinvented

An assortment of mismatched pieces, brought together with finishes in pearl, sage and gold, grace a Princeton, NJ living room.

french table 354X266.jpg

chair after 224X266.jpg

secretary 1.jpg

secretary 2.jpg

New Life for Dated Furniture

Before and After: A custom built, pickled entertainment center is updated with a walnut finish and gold accents.

fr n2 354X266.jpg

ent ctr aft 2 354X266.jpg

Before and After: An oak chest is reinvented with a chocolate black finish with copper glazing.