Cabinet Upgrades

Refrigerator Surrounds

Before : The cabinets above these refrigerators were underutilized and hard to reach.

sue fridge before 4 354X266.jpg

sergeant fridge bef 354X266.jpg

After: New, built-in enclosures, complete with lighted, decorative shelf space, bead board panels, and detail moldings, elevate these refrigerators to designer status.

sue fridge horiz 354X266.jpg

sergeant surround after close 1 354X266.jpg

More Refrigerator Surrounds

Before: The wall alongside of the refrigerator interfered with its function and closed off the entrance into the room.

fridge 3 bef.jpg

During: The wall is pulled back and a column is built, as is a surround with open shelving and decorative moldings. Holes and seams are filled.

barile during 354X266.jpg

After: The results are beautiful.

barile fridge 1 354X266.jpg

As seen in this Pittstown kitchen, our basic refrigerator surround gives new usefulness to those upper cabinets which nobody can ever reach, while also providing a partially built-in look.

angel fridge 3 354X266.jpg

Pantries Sure to Please

Before: Like every pantry . . . does it look familiar?

pantry 2 before 354X266.jpg

After: A new shelving system now makes the space too pretty to fill.

pantry 2 after 354X266.jpg

Before: An awkward space didn�t provide the best storage options for this kitchen.

pantry before 1 353X266.jpg

After: The area is fitted with custom shelves for maximum storage and ease of accessibility.

pantry after 1 354X266.jpg

Appliance Garages

Before: This area of an upper Mercer County kitchen was underused because it is apart from the rest of the cabinets.

app garage 3b 354X266.jpg

After: Now it provides a spacious and sleek space to store appliances.

swia app aft 354X266.jpg

Before: The owners of this Lebanon Township home no longer wanted the built-in desk for their kitchen.

app garage bef 1 354X266.jpg

After: Now it provides much needed storage for appliances and other items, while looking tidy and stylish at the same time.

app garage 1a 354X266.jpg

Range Hoods and Microwaves

Before: The homewowners wanted a cabinet style hood, and to have their microwave fit the space better.

hood before 1 355X266.jpg

After: A custom hood, finished in the cabinet finish, and a new microwave and surround give this space a sleek look. Over-cabinet lighting adds extra ambiance.

hood after 2.jpg

Before and After: Instead of using a shelf, building the microwave into the cabinetry lends a finished look to the area.

microwave bef 3.jpg

microwave aft 3.jpg

Custom Additions

Before: This corner pantry cabinet was awkward and unattractive.

swia corner bef 354X266.jpg

After: A new, custom built and finished corner cabinet lends better flow to the space. Straightening out the angle of the soffit and corner makes it look as though the cabinet was always there.

swia corner aft 354X266.jpg

This Pennington kitchen now has a colorful focal point. We built this custom hutch and completed it with our own China Red Rub-off finish.

cab close 2 354X266.jpg

This Yardley, PA kitchen opens into the family room. The outside of this penninsula now houses a custom entertainment center.

stein tv.jpg

Message Centers and More

Before: This Flemington family wanted a "command center" for all of their calenders and notes. They used to tape everything to this side panel.

message before 1.jpg

After: Only the handle notch gives away the secret of what is behind this panel.

message closed aft 354X266.jpg

After: No more magnets on the fridge or sticky notes on the cabinets! This custom, built-in message center is perfect for the busy family on the go.

message after 1 354X266.jpg

Before: The shelves alongside the window in this Oldwick home had a dated look.

mackie window bef 354X266.jpg

After: We built a new cabinet with a pullout rack for spices, as well as a new window valance, to give this space a fresh look.

mackie window aft 354X266.jpg

Trash Can Compartments

The addition of this trash can compartment was the perfect way to extend a too small island.

swiatocha island 354X266.jpg

Extra cabinet space in this Branchburg kitchen is converted into a conveniently located, trash can compartment

trash 1 354X266.jpg