Welcome Back Blue – and the Brady Bunch!

January 8, 2012: Color and pattern, it’s around us everywhere – and it’s constantly changing. Whether it is the visual feast we find in nature or the eye candy that the world of fashion tries to sell us, there is always something new to coax a quick glance into a turn of the head, and maybe even a moment of reflection and visual enjoyment.

blue_walls_1.jpgThe lost color is back, in many different recipes. We’re talking about blue, of course. First it began to appear a bit subdued, toned with hints of grey and green, and lusciously paired with chocolate browns. Then we saw navy and a resurrection of beautiful seaside shades of blue. And now we see it flaunting itself like a peacock, bursting with hues we thought only those extravagant birds could boldly wear. This blue is ready to strut right into your home. A great variation we have found is a Behr color – “Almost Famous.” A deep blue, almost tropical, it has a hint of green in it, but it is still blue. So please don’t call it teal! It pairs nicely with burnt terra cotta tones as well as muted lime greens. Even gold accents and those tradition wood tones of furnishings look both fresh and elegant against this great color.

As for pattern, it seems as though everyone is channeling the 70s a little bit. And if you prefer a more traditional or eclectic approach to your decorating, don’t worry about being un-hip. A little bit of pattern can go a long way, and, in the right dosage, can work with a multitude of décor settings.

So plan to feather your nest with some new hues and patterns for 2012!