New Kitchen Cabinets and Refacing Services for the New Year!

January, 2012: Happy New Year and wishes for a year full of good fortune! And who's going to pay attention to that Mayan calendar anyway?

artisan_new_year_1.jpgWell, even a website can have a New Year’s resolution made for it. This year we pledge to keep the project stories in our portfolio up to date. And our big plan is to keep up with our built-in Blog – the “Design Tips” portion of this site. In addition to information on kitchens and cabinetry, we’ll also have posts about home design trends, gardening, local home goods merchants, and more for shopping local and enriching your lifestyle. Thank you for visiting our site, and feel free to come back and check it often. If you enjoy it, please tell your friends to pay us a visit as well.

This January we are expanding our line of refacing products. In addition to our premium refacing services, with custom finishes and upscale carpentry additions, we are now offering a more streamlined and budget sensitive approach to your kitchen remodel.

The “Artisan Everyday” line offers standard finishes on new, wood doors, along with flat side panels or veneers for an uncluttered style. This service is geared towards the homeowners who is thinking of upgrading his or her home for eventual sale or is trying to stretch the renovation budget.


Our classic and extremely popular "Artisan Elegance" line of refacing options continues to expand with new finish choices, woods, and architectural elements. Included in this line is also new cabinetry for every room of your home. This upscale look includes solid wood doors in maple, cherry, walnut, and more, all custom finished. Side panels and carpentry additions sport furniture quality details. Partial renovation services, new cabinetry, and storage solutions are all popular and offered.

If your kitchen is the heart of your home or you live in an area where upgraded kitchen elements are considered standard, this line of refacing services may be perfect for your renovation needs.

And our new cabinets aren't just for the kitchen. Custom bathroom and dressing room vanities are also among some of the new products we have available.

Lastly, our "Artisan Eclectic" line offers a modern approach to your kitchen refacing project, with flat panel doors, bamboo, floating shelves and other sleek design elements. For the homeowner who has an edgier design aesthetic, we will help you express your unique style!

If you're planning on upgrading your home this year and think one of these options may be what you're looking for, give us a call. We'd be happy to discuss your project with you.