Elegant Details Define NJ Kitchen Cabinets

Before: This galley kitchen in Short Hills, NJ had basic architecture and a picked finish.


After: Photographed for Design NJ, this updated space sports new doors, extensive decorative moldings, and our Butternut finish on the main cabinets. All of these features combine for a high-end, designer look.


Before: A kitchen in Whitehouse Station, NJ is ready for some upscale, custom changes.

scoplianous before 355X262.jpg

After: A restyled island and doors with decorative moldings, detailed cabinet crowns and decorative side panel moldings, all highlighted in gold, give this space a formal elegance.



Before and After: Undersized corbels and plastic doors were just a few of the features these homeowners disliked about their recently refaced kitchen. So they did it again. New wood doors with applied moldings, properly scaled moldings and millwork, and a cherry finish with gold highlights make all the difference.

nap isle bef 354X266.jpg