Need a Plan for Changing Your Kitchen Cabinets?

February, 2009: Upgrading your kitchen can be a big project. Here are tips on where to start, and suggestions on how to put the pieces together.

The scope and design of every project may be slightly different. However, we have general recommendations for a sound plan with which to manage your kitchen upgrade:

Decide if you are going to replace your cabinets or, if there is really nothing wrong with them other than the look, restyle them to improve the function and décor of your space. These tips can apply to a full replacement job, but, because you’re on our website, we’re going to assume that you would prefer to conserve as much of your cabinetry as possible instead tossing it all aside. So, based on that . . .

Choose your cabinet finish. The face of your cabinets account for the largest area, by square foot, as seen by the eye when looking straight ahead. This should be the primary design element which sets the tone and coloration of the rest of your space.

Kitchen Before

Are you going to make changes in the footprint of your cabinets or placement of appliances? Figure that out now. This decision will affect flooring as well as modifications to the cabinet frames, so this step is critical for a stress-free project.

Address the soffit, if you need to. Do you want to remove it or incorporate it into the final design? Is electrical or venting housed in it, which may limit your design options?

Decide on your appliances, have the measurements ready. If modifications need to be made to the cabinet frames in order to allow for clearance of new appliances, this carpentry needs to take place before the finish goes on.

Is your cook top properly vented? If not, that needs to be addressed.

Choose and install the flooring.

Determine your electrical needs.

Say goodbye to your doors an drawer fronts. For a little while, at least, if you are one of our clients.

Pick out your countertop, sink, and fixtures.Remove wallpaper; Prime walls

Have on-site carpentry and finishing done.

Install any new appliances.

Template for the granite or other countertop material. Make sure you have chosen your sink and have its template, as well as info on your cooktop available.

Install lighting and electric. Install pendants, high hats, over cabinet lighting, under cabinets lighting, and whatever else wasn’t finished before.

Choose your handles and other hardware.

Re-Install doors and drawer fronts.

Install granite.

Have your plumber install your sink hookups. If you have new granite and there is a seam in your countertop near the sink, have him wait at least two days. This will give time for this area to set and cure.

Install backsplash. Think of the backsplash as jewelry or an accessory which pulls together the cabinetry, granite, and other elements.

Paint walls. Do you want a paint color to blend with the cabinets, for a monochromatic look, or one that contrasts, so your cabinets and other design elements come alive (usually our favorite choice . . .)?

Have pictures taken for magazines, and to make your neighbors jealous!

Kitchen After

Sit back and enjoy your new kitchen!