Gorgeous Glaze Fixes Makeover Mistake

Before: The cabinets in this Chester, NJ home were ruined by a sloppy glaze job and an HGTV style of tile application. The new homeowners tried to work the cabinets iby installing granite. They were still disappointed, so they called us. And we gave them a transformation which left them delighted!

budney before 1 354X266.jpg

bud buf bef 2 354X266.jpg

All of the doors were replaced, and the main cabinets received a greenish taupe glaze with pearlescent details, while the island received a warm caramel wood tone treatment. The buffet area received glass doors, while the roll-tops for the appliance garage were replaced with hinged doors. The insides of the glass cabinets were treated with beadboard and finished in the same glaze as the island.