Updating & Glazing Kitchen Cabinets for Resale

July, 2008: This recent kitchen cabinet project will hopefully prove profitable for the owners of this Newtown, PA home. The house, although located in an exclusive neighborhood and purchased for a great price, still sported its original 1980's design, including the black and white tile floor and pickled oak cabinets in the kitchen. It needed work before going back on the market and the owners wanted to make only those changes which would give them the biggest return on their investment. So they naturally focused on the kitchen, and decided to call Artisan Interiors.


The main cabinets were of excellent quality and already had some of the higher end features such as a nice crown molding and light rail moldings for the bottoms of the upper cabinets. The island, however, was lacking any real design character as the sides were basically flat sheets of pickled oak. The homeowner did consider several refacing companies, but decided their products didn’t compare to the high end look we were able to give him.


The first thing we did was to build and install panels and posts for the island, giving it more of a furniture style. Basecoats and topcoats were sprayed, to ensure a fine, factory smooth finish. As for the “pretty parts,” the island received a copper wash with extra highlights in its architectural details, followed by a mahogany glaze. The main cabinets were cream with a sheer chocolate glaze overall, and detailing along the inner bead and outer edge of the doors, and along the frame moldings. All total, the cabinets received about eight coats of various products, with sanding in between many of the layers.

And the end result had realtors waiting in line to show the house. The new finishes were current and reflected the design preferences for the area. In fact, it was hard to tell that the cabinets were originally oak.



Coming Soon: Our recent, bamboo kitchen, and antiqued and glazed kitchen cabinets for a New England saltbox reproduction home in Doylestown, PA.