It Can be Easy Being 'Green' . . . and Gorgeous!

If it's time to update your kitchen cabinets and you want to try to be more environmentally conscious, we can help. Our kitchen cabinet services have always provided an environmentally sensitive option for home owners. And now, we're even 'greener' than before! And you can be too . .

Reuse your kitchen cabinets and reduce waste. Why toss your current cabinets into a landfill when they can be a picture of style? We'll retro-fit your current cabinetry with crowns, panels, shelf pull-outs and other design elements. Our beautiful custom finishes then pull everything together. Your old cabinets can sport a high-end, designer look, like the ones featured in Design NJ, New York Spaces, and other magazines.

Go for Quality. Look at the sides of the cabinets you have currently have. Are they wood? If they are, your cabinets are better quality than most cabinetry in new homes and lower end kitchen stores. Many lower priced cabinets carried by big box stores typically include cabinets which are wood in the noticeable areas, such as the front face frames and doors, but the rest of the structure is multi-density-fiberboard (MDF), covered by either a veneer, or in the instance of bargain cabinets, wood patterned contact paper.

Use renewable and other eco-friendly materials for a healthy home and healthy planet. MDF, found in lower end cabinetry and some refacing products, is notorious for containing formaldehydes, which are considered to be carcinogenic and 'off-gas' into the air. In contrast, whenever we can we use bamboo, a renewable resource, for our carpentry applications. The architectural coatings we use for our finishes have always been very low VOC. This can mean fewer potential health problems for you and your family.
Maximum style at a moderate price with minimal environmental impact . . . Sounds like a win-win for everyone!

NEW: Tired of butcher block? Want something other than granite? Through our services and vendor network we are also offering countertops made of bamboo, as well as recycled glass.

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