Refrigerator Surrounds

Pennington, NJ, Before: As part of their kitchen renovation, these homeowners wanted the soffit and desk removed and the refrigerator to be housed more attractively.


After: Mission accomplished.


Glen Gardner, NJ, Before: The wall alongside of the refrigerator interfered with its function and closed off the entrance into the room.

fridge 3 bef.jpg

After: The wall is pulled back and a column is built, as is a surround with open shelving and decorative moldings. Holes and seams are filled.

barile fridge 1 354X266.jpg

Flemington, NJ, Before: A large refrigerator stands in corner and unfortunately becomes a focal point of the space.


After: As part of this refacing project the upper cabinets are pulled forward, the soffit area is expanded, and the refrigerator is given a built-in look.


Pittstown, NJ, After: Our basic refrigerator surround frames a free-standing refrigerator. It gives new usefulness to those upper cabinets which nobody can ever reach, while also providing a partially built-in look.

angel fridge 3 354X266.jpg

West Windsor, NJ, Before: After months of dealing with the big box refacing companies, these homeowners were frustrated because no one would address this refrigerator area in a creative fashion.


After: The pantry and refrigerator area were restyled to give the space a finished look and visually make it part of the rest of the kitchen.