Ovens & Microwaves

Pennington, NJ, Before: The owner of this kitchen wanted to remove the microwave from above the cooktop. A serious chef, along with a new, premium range, she wanted a microwave convection unit, whic could serve as a second oven. Location was the only challenge.


After: A new, slightly larger end cabinet replaced the previous one. Fortunately she was able to find a granite remnant which matched the rest of the counter. A pot drawer was installed below the new oven. And the baking tastes better than ever!



New Hope, PA, After: A standard oak island was modified to house a microwave unit, then refaced with new bamboo doors and panels.


Hope, PA, Before: The main problem area in this kitchen was the wall oven, a particular area of dislike as the owners felt the space always looked unfinished.


After: The wall oven was framed out to give it more weight and a tailored look.