Appliance Garages, Coffee Stations, & Message Centers

Annandale, NJ, Before: This custom refacing project included a repurposing of the desk in order to accommodate the homeowners' various appliances, pots and pans.


After: The desk was modified to include a new cabinet with pot drawers while the upper cabinets, which were moved next to those alongside the new window, were replaced with deeper units which were designed to accomodate a custom appliance garage.



Flemington, NJ, Before: This wasn't the first refacing project where we were asked to "do something" with the desk.


After: In this instance it becamea coffee station. The drawer below the coffee unit holds sundries related to a relaxing cup of hot brew.


Ringoes, NJ, Before: This Ringoes family wanted a "command center" for all of their calenders and notes. They used to tape everything to this side panel.

message before 1.jpg

After: Only the handle notch gives away the secret of what is behind this panel. No more magnets on the fridge or sticky notes on the cabinets! This custom, built-in message center is perfect for the busy family on the go.

message closed aft 354X266.jpg