Hampton, NJ, Before: Like every pantry . . . does it look familiar?

pantry 2 before 354X266.jpg

After: A new shelving system now makes the space too pretty to fill.

pantry 2 after 354X266.jpg

Newtown, PA, Before: An awkward space didn’t provide the best storage options for this kitchen.

pantry before 1 353X266.jpg

After: The area is fitted with custom shelves for maximum storage and ease of accessibility.

pantry after 1 354X266.jpg

Pennington, NJ, Before: This corner pantry cabinet was awkward and unattractive.

swia corner bef 354X266.jpg

After: A new, custom built and finished corner cabinet lends better flow to the space. Straightening out the angle of the soffit and corner makes it look as though the cabinet was always there.

swia corner aft 354X266.jpg