Walls with Character

Metallic accents, shimmered plasters, even Swarovski crystals . . . Step outside the ordinary and transcend the theatrics of "Home Design" television; look beyond mass-produced wallpaper. When your space demands something special, consider a custom, hand-applied decorative finish for your walls.

The rich background finish and airy floral pattern, all of pearlescent, decorative plasters, lends depth and richness to this Princeton, NJ master bedroom suite. Photo provided courtesy of Galina Peterson.


The 10' high walls in this Bridgewater, NJ powder room are treated with a Lusterstone plaster. The stenciled, faux stone molding runs along the wall as wel as the ceiling to add greater dimension to the space.

pae ad wall 1 354X266.jpg

The finish in a Bernards Township sunroom started with a slightly grainy plaster, which is over-glazed and sanded back. This reveals shimmering quartz crystals, for the illusion of real stone.

gockel sr 354X266.jpg

Readington, NJ: An all-over stencil pattern, executed in pearlescent glazes and metallics, lends a wallpaper feel to this Stanton Ridge dining room.

room 2b 354X266.jpg